Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People Summary

The SQUEEZE: Understanding the bargaining situation is all-important to gaining the advantage over a competitor. G. Richard Shell’s book titled “Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People” explores the subject of negotiation and the negotiation process. Shell offers six key emotional leveraging points to help negotiators succeed. “Bargaining for Advantage” is practical as it offers a step-by-step approach to becoming a skillful and knowledgeable negotiator. Using case studies, Shell teaches readers how to develop a bargaining style, how to develop clear negotiation goals, how to gain normal leverage and access and credibility, and how to evaluate the other party’s interests. “Bargaining for Advantage” is a must-read for both the novice and expert negotiator.


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Notable Endorsement: “A wonderful integration of practical advice that will be useful to all readers.” –Max H. Bazeman, Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution and Organization, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Common Q’s Answered by this Book:

  • What is negotiation? What is the negotiation process?
  • What are the five basic bargaining styles?
  • What are the six key emotional leverage points?
  • What is bargaining power?
  • What are the step-by-step approaches of a skillful negotiator?
  • What are the characteristics of a bargaining situation?


About the Author: G. Richard Shell is a professor, serving at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Shell is the Thomas Gerrity Professor. As an award-winning scholar, Shell was named as one of the top business school professors. He was honored in Business Week’s “Guide to the Best Business Schools” in 1993 and 1999. Shell frequently writes on topics related to negotiation, legal strategy, and dispute resolution. His articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. He has received multiple career and professional awards. Shell currently serves as Chair of the Legal Studies and Business Ethics Department at Wharton. For a complete professional profile, visit: For a complete summary of the book, visit:


Book Vitals:

Publisher: First Penguin Books Edition (May 2000)

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