Guts: The Seven Laws of Business that Made Chrysler the World’s Hottest Car Company Summary

The SQUEEZE: There are not too many events in history that have shocked the business world, save the Chrysler Corporation-Daimler-Benz merger. The merger between the two companies was the largest of its kind. How did Chrysler transform itself into a profitable company? How does such a merger influence the perceptions of consumers, shareholders, workers, and governments? These are some of the questions that Robert A. Lutz answers in “Guts: The Seven Laws of Business that Made Chrysler the World’s Hottest Car Company.” In the book, Lutz shares his experiences with product development with both with and frankness. Lutz reveals much about the company’s initial financial woes in the early 1990s and its transformation as a revenue-producer, posting record profits and being named “Company of the Year” by Forbes Magazine. The company’s turnaround was due to an approach Lutz adopted, which emphasized the use of massive financial controls and provocative product development. “Guts” is a must-read for small business owners needing advice on how to transform their companies. It is entertaining and informative.

Notable Endorsement: "Bob Lutz is one of America's most imaginative and most insightful business leaders. He thinks way outside the box, and when he talks, everyone needs to listen."-Michael Hammer, Coauthor, Reengineering the Corporation.

Common Q’s Answered by this Book:

  • What are the seven laws (maxims) of business?
  • What was the Chrysler Corporation-Daimler Benz merger?
  • What are some examples of a schizophrenic corporate culture?
  • What is the Dodge Viper?
  • What are some methods for cultivating a corporate split personality?


About the Author: Robert A. Lutz is the former vice chairman of the Chrysler Corporation. Over many years, Lutz has held senior-level management positions with multiple car companies, which include the following: Ford, General Motors, and BMW. He is widely known as a successful business leader and an influential figure within the American automobile industry. Lutz completed a bachelor’s degree in production management and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. He received an honorary doctorate of law from Boston University. For more information, visit:


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Publisher: Wiley (September 1998)

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