Performance Management: Measure and Improve the Effectiveness of Your Employees Summary

The SQUEEZE: The competitive workplace today makes many demands upon both the manager and the employee. Employees are required to make significant improvements regarding their work performance. Managers are required to evaluate employee performance based upon prescribed organizational goals. Sometimes performance and goals don’t always align. When faced with this type of organizational problem, Richard Luecke and Brian J. Hall suggest that companies create a development plan; the goal of the plan should be to increase employee productivity. In “Performance Management: Measure and Improve the Effectiveness of Your Employees,” Luecke and Hall further suggest using “coaching” as an annual performance appraisal technique to guide employees in meeting goals. “Performance Management” is a must-read for organizations who desire reliable and practical tools for increasing employee performance.

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Common Q’s Answered by this Book:

  • What are the steps to creating the right climate?
  • What are the two problems to avoid?
  • What are examples of how to handle a dismissal?
  • How are intractable performance problems defined?
  • What are the tools necessary to close gaps and improve performance?


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  • Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press (April 2006)

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