Review of Quality Score in High Resolution

Quality Score in High Resolution

Author: Craig Danuloff

Reviewer: Jeff Demers, Wakefly

Craig Danuloff has written a definitive volume on the impact, importance and management of quality score.  

For the uninitiated, quality score is the key to advertising on, the worlds most targeted advertising platform devised (known as Google AdWords).  For intermedidate to advanced search marketers this book experty breaks down the different types of quality score, demystifies some lingering questions that many advertisers have and helps to lay a strategic framework around proper account management.

Some key points:

  • Quality Score measures past performance (and to some extent the likely future) of the keywords you bid on
  • For Google, it's all about visitors seeing more relevant ads as advertisers must pay attention to quality or essentially pay a premium for their non-focus
  • Quality Score can determine when and where your ads are shown
  • Google is in no way transparent about Quality Score
  • The Quality Score number you see in your Google AdWords account isn't even the score Google is using! (It's more like an average...perhaps)
  • Different types of Quality Score include: visible quality score, quality score for ad rank and quality score for CPC
  • The impact of QS (can be very bad or very good)
  • Managing Quality Score can be a full time job and improvements can come very slowly
  • Knowing if you have a disaster on your hands and how to deal with it

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