Squeezed Books Relaunch

I wanted to personally welcome long time Squeezers back to SqueezedBooks.com.

The site has been relaunched in a new content management system that should less technical administrators more access to making changes quicker on the site.

On this, the latest iteration, of this website - you will find advertising.  Our hope is to generate some index to begin to fund more site growth, site features and more.

Also, some of the historic features of the site will be coming back in the new few weeks and months.  At it's core this is a site about sharing information and collaborating on business book summaries.  Thus, going forward historic reviews will be available to be claimed by original authors (along with several new wiki-centric features).

Finally, the biggest change is that we are now also publishing business book reviews in addition to our long term focus on business book summaries.  My hope is that this new review element will attract leading business authors looking for an independent, credible platform for their original critical writing.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Jeff Demers

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