Online Guide to Project Management Resources

Whether it’s for school or work, taking the reins on any project can be a little overwhelming even to the most confident person. Thankfully, there are sites and software designed specifically to help you break down any project into manageable tasks and to stay organized along the way. The following list reflects only tried-and-true project management tools and resources that are trustworthy and effective.


Project Management Software


One of the most popular types of software around is project management programs and suites. Cloud computing has made it possible for these programs to enable groups to work together from remote locations and for leaders to track their team members in real time. The following are some of the top-rated project management programs available for purchase.


Zoho Projects  -- Millions of people use Zoho to work online. The program helps managers to coordinate all of the different aspects of a project and keep team members on the same page from beginning to completion. 


Microsoft Project -- Microsoft’s project management software suite has several customizable features to help you manage all of the tasks associated with a major project for work, school, or personal use.


Teamlab -- Teamlab is a software suite that includes several project management features like real-time editing and customizable task management options.


Workzone -- Workzone offers several products designed to increase efficiency and give you all the tools you’ll need to oversee a collaborative project, even when team members are located in different places around the world.



Project Management Sites


These sites make collaborating, delegating, and revising any part of a project easy. All use cloud computing in order to keep everyone on the same page and to enable managers to oversee any size project no matter how far apart the team members are from one another. Each of the sites in this section charges a fee to use their service, but most offer a free trial period for new customers.


Campfire -- Campfire is a specialized site that serves as an instant messaging service for groups and teams. There are different plans to choose from based on your needs.


Base Camp -- Base Camp is a popular provider of project management software and services, including real time tracking and collaboration. You can choose which of Base Camps service packages work best for you and pay accordingly.


Huddle -- Huddle is a cloud-based project management service that allows several people to collaborate and track their progress in a secure environment. Prices vary depending on the extent of the service plan you choose.


Binfire -- Binfire is a sophisticated cloud collaboration program that allows users to instantly delegate tasks, track progress, and more. Plans start at about $10.00 per month.


Project Manager Resources -- provides several free tools that you can download and use to help keep control of your projects including templates, worksheets, time trackers, training videos, quizzes, and more.


Open Source Project Management Software


These project management programs all operate on an open source format, making them available for anyone to use at no cost. While there are many free tools available to use online, those listed in this section receive consistent good reviews from users and are considered to be reputable and trustworthy.


The jxProject -- The jxProject is downloadable software designed to help you streamline your process and to efficiently track your team’s progress. The software is free, but includes small on-page ads that are regularly updated by the company’s sponsors.


Dot Project -- Dot Project is an open source software available to use for free that includes several helpful features to aid in project management. There is fee-based version of the program, which runs without sponsor advertisements.


Task Juggler -- Task Juggler is open source software for project management. The program is set up spreadsheet-style and includes time tracking, help in delegating tasks, and much more.


Open Workbench -- Open Workbench is free to download and has an array of features designed to help you streamline your work process and to more effectively manage each step of a project.


Google Apps for Project Management


Google has several highly effective applications for project management. You’ll need a (free) Google account to download any of them. Many are integrated with other Google programs like Google Drive and Google Calendar so that you can organize all of your scheduling, tracking, and messaging in one place. All can be used from a desktop computer or from most mobile platforms.


GQueues -- This app from Google uses a spreadsheet-style interface and allows users to divide projects by task, team member, deadline, and more. You can also set reminders to make sure time-sensitive tasks don’t get overlooked.


Gliffy -- Gliffy is a focused app that lets users create and share diagrams, adding a highly effective visual element to cloud-based project management. Gliffy is free to download and use.


gTrax -- gTrax is a simple tracking application for Google that lets project managers and department heads see how much time each employee is spending on each task, helping to improve


Google Drive -- Google Drive, formerly Google Docs, is a free hosted service that allows anyone to store, edit, and collaborate on files and projects in the cloud. You can also download the Drive app and work on your files offline


Even More Tools for Successful Project Management


Each of the following resources is available through the Google App Web Store or directly from the developer sites. All are respected among businesses of every size and offer stable, secure project management services with simple user interface and cross-platform integration. You can download a mobile version for each as well so that you can continue to keep tabs on and participate in your projects on the go.


Smartsheet -- Smartsheet lets you collaborate remotely using active spreadsheets that are constantly updated and securely backed up using cloud technology. Several different services are offered, including finance tracking, messaging, human resource assistance, and more.


Do - Do, available for all major operating systems, allows you to work with anyone anywhere by providing interactive checklists, reminders, employee tracking, and more.


Gantter Project -- The Gantter Project provides online project management tools and is compatible with most operating systems and mobile platforms. The Gantter Project is optimized for Google programs, so you can synch the service with your Gmail and other Google accounts.


Pivotal Tracker -- Pivotal Tracker is award-winning software for project management. One notable feature among many is the automated milestone estimation that is constantly updated to reflect the activity of a team.


Microsoft Office Project Management Templates -- Microsoft offers several templates for project managers through their website like due diligence reports, progress reports, and more. All are free to download, and Mac-friendly versions are available for most.